Son histoire

When passion is combined with optimism, this merger can only contribute to success. This is basically the main title of Mrs. Touria's journey. Despite the many difficulties it encountered, this Casablancan woman never lowered her arms and never gave in to despair. Mrs. Touria capitalized on her passion for embroidery and opened two stores in Casablanca involving with her a dozen women in need. Active on all fronts, Mrs Touria has also devoted herself to passing on her know-how to women detainees, assuring them in prospect a better social integration. Ms. Touria MOUNSSIF contributes to the development of craftsmanship and conservation of the traditional Moroccan habit in the region, especially the old method of embroidery of our mothers (المسوس) very requested and admired by the experts of the trade. She makes a remarkable effort to initiate and pass on her know-how to young girls in her workshop, in associations, and to schools, which will be future "mealmates" and will take over one day. Its micro-enterprise creates direct jobs (employees and craftsmen subcontractors) and indirect (suppliers of raw materials, deliverymen, models, etc.). His love for his trade and his notoriety have earned him the title of "best traditional craftsman 2014" Organized in Agadir by the Ministry of Crafts Quotations from Touria: "I was on the verge of bankruptcy and I was saved by the microcredit, and despite its small amounts there is always a way out of emergency assistance and unavoidable For those excluded from the banking system, it is enough just to make a rational calculation to succeed »Mme Touria MOUNSSIF is a customer of Al amana in Casablanca