Thursday, November 16, Mr. Ahmad Ghazali, President of the Al Amana Microfinance Foundation, was appointed by consensus by the members as the new President of the Federation. The Council also commended the achievements accomplished during the tenure of the former President, Mr. Tarek Sjelmassi, President of the Ardi Microcredit Foundation, and his involvement and commitment to promote and to improve the microfinance sector in Morocco. The new office: -President: Mr. Ahmed Ghazali -President Deputy: Mr. Sijelmassi and Mr. Mohamed Benshaboun -Treasurer: Ms. West -Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Kasmy As it was the case during the ordinary plenary session, the unanimous approval of the financial and literary report and the report of the auditors. Mr. Ahmad Ghazali holds a PhD in private law. Besides, he is an excellent professor of higher education and a consultant to many national and international development organizations. He served as Director of the Cabinet of Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister who in charge of Human Rights (1997-1998).Then, Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice (1997-1998). 1999-2003) and later as a Chairman of the high Commission for Audiovisual Communication (2003-2012). Now, He is currently appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI as a member of the high Judicial Council. Actually, He is an active member, founder and / or member of the governing associations of several human rights organizations such as the Moroccan Organization for Human Rights and the Citizenship with Transparency Morocco as well as in the field of development (Moroccan Association for Solidarity and Development and the Life Cycle). Mr. Ahmed Ghazali currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of al Amana Microfinance Foundation